Shangri La Rock

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Help me finish this collaboration. I am currently requesting uploads for the tracks listed below. Feel free to contribute.
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Creative Brief

4.30.19 Vocal vision


Note: V1 lead is on Tr 3 at 1:10 whereas the rest of the verse leads are on Tr 1 if I'm not mistaken.

Vox Track 1 Notes

1:20 - Chorus 1 Lead.

1:45 - 2:30 - V2 Lead.

which includes the 'and again and again' echoes.  Those two echoes should be treated as backups, at least #1 and they could go far, far away.

3:00 - Ch 2 Lead and the lead continues til the end on the low part except for a little spot I'll note on a later track.


Vox Track 2 Notes

:36 - First high ahh on intro- fade in from way down under and stay pretty far away.

:40 - :48 - Second high ahh on Tr 2 - CUT.  

1:45 - 2:30V2 - Highs Bury off in the distance.

3:25 - Tracks 1 & 2 - Bring down one of the lows.  I know they're on separate sides but One of them should be a bigger lead than the other?  Maybe not and also, #1 may sound better if that is a choice but not too far out because they're both a little crumby in the beginning ('Take Me There' part).

3:43 - Mids are here and not until 3:43 do I want them further out front and then I want them to fade into the Track 1 lows until the end.


Vox Track 3 Notes

1:10 - V1 Lead.


Rest sounds terrific!

1:40 - Shangri La Highs go down, down, down.

2:30 - Highs down.

3:25 - 'Take Me There' spoken should be ethereal and in the distance

3:35 Highs down, lows up.

Additional Information

Genre Rock BPM 120.0

Collaboration started March 29, 2019 by VocalRun
Last upload 1yr+1mo ago

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Effective on Mar 29, 2019

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