Dark road Metal

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190421 Dark road preview Uploaded 2 months ago by Pstruh69

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Pstruh69   commented 2 months ago

this is just preview...need maybe 1-2 days to finish completely...it is fine...just need to work some small stuff which I was lazy to do now...:D Enjoy...

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sriracha   commented 1mo+29dy ago

This is great - the only spot that felt weird to me was at :050--0:53. I think it wants something there in the drums - that space was odd, to me. lol. 2:05 - perfect spot for a fill lead in. Maybe check out this mix as a ref for the other guitar stuff I added: https://www.kompoz.com/music/collaboration/920395/file/921269 I should have done a tracking mix from that, but that will plug right in...(I realize I cut off the very beginning lead in on the keys...doh)

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mickeh   commented 1mo+29dy ago

Great work Robert! As you say it is a preview I can wait with feedback. But as Billy says regarding another tracking mix I can upload that under bedtrack mix with all guitars and the bass. I guess you don't need vocals. I'll upload a version 2 of bedtrack mix i a second :-) This is really going to be good!

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Pstruh69   commented 1mo+29dy ago

thank you boys!!! :) okay, I change it a bit as you suggest...:) work in progress, hehe