Down There (Doesn't Everyone Play With Dead Horses?) Hard Rock

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Down There Uploaded 4mo+20dy ago by CryUncle

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CryUncle   commented 4mo+20dy ago

Slightly revised version- brought the leads (such as they are) a little more forward in the mix, tweaked some eq's a bit. Also tried a panning effect on the leads- it might be too subtle, but I was trying for a sort of crossing effect between the two. Eh...

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RealAl   commented 4mo+16dy ago

Hello: I would like to DEMO some acoustic drums for your consideration. If so, is there a drum-less version available?


Floodmusic   commented 4mo+13dy ago

This is a great riff, wish I had written it :)

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CryUncle   commented 4mo+13dy ago

Well, thank you, man, I truly do appreciate it. "I wish I had written that" is the highest compliment that one songwriter can pay to another. Faron