Scratch the surface Electronic

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SCRATCH2 RMIX1 Uploaded 9mo+5dy ago by RealAl

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RealAl   commented 9mo+19dy ago

HELLO: I added some atmospheric ideas, FX, and did this rough mix...COMMENTS...ENJOY

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peterrand   commented 9mo+5dy ago

Nice Stuff Allen - sounds great! Just got back from 3 weeks away - this is very nice.

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RealAl   commented 9mo+4dy ago

Hello: You know, after a few listens, you realize this should be cut-up, and reassembled according to what the artist wants to accomplish. RePeats can be interesting... A dadist could easily improve the flow, and making it more sequestered would appeal to the milllenials, YES?

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peterrand   commented 9mo+4dy ago

I am a dad if that helps.. !