When the horses run Soundtrack

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HorsesRun OTW test 1 Uploaded 3mo+9dy ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 3mo+9dy ago

I realise this is not what you asked for but I really could not pass this one by without submitting an idea. Seps available if you think it works. If not ... that's fine. For your strings you could drop a line to Nigel (Gemini) as he has a fantastic library of that sort.

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formfisch   commented 3mo+4dy ago

Hi James, I think the whistle works great in the intro! For the interlude i am not so sure as it rather overshadows the lead violin melody. I had a lot of stuff in that part already but decided to throw it out again, didn't really work. Could you maybe try doubling the melody in the final verse, maybe in a higher register (if that's possible)? I can imagine that giving the finale an extra push if mixed in subtly behind the vocals.

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offthewall   commented 3mo+4dy ago

Will take another look at this and see if I can do what you ask. Maybe not able to get a higher register on this instrument but possibly a harmony. I got to say I been haunted by this tune since I first heard it. Can't get it out of my head!

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formfisch   commented 3mo+4dy ago

thanks :) It's actually a couple of years old, but now Liam wrote some words for me so I can try to make it a real song! if not an octave higher, no problem. harmony might be worth a try, but it shouldn't detract attention from the main melody here.

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offthewall   commented 3mo+3dy ago

I have taken into account your comments and re-done things. There is a low whistle for intro and last verse as DRY version and WET, with a reverb that works with this instrument. There is also a high whistle, again for intro and last verse, in the same forms. I don't think these will work well together but leave it up to you to choose between them (or not at all) As you have not supplied a sync these files all have the exact same start point as your original mix.