RedRum Metal

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shellofme   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Here are some ideas for lyrics. Bold would be the dark verse and the other would be the devine words. Again this is just an Idea to get the juices flowing. I will also post words done by Acid as well. I do like Acids lyrics also. ultimately I would want the both of you to be happy with your parts so I will try to leave it up to your opinions to decide. If anyone would like to post more options they will need to be in a pdf file. I just figured out how to do that so if you need help let me know. The more options we have the more likely we will be able to pull from different styles to come up with a good middle ground lyric that will make sense and flow nicely.


fresh727   commented 6yr+8mo ago

Right on! Crazy cool...Anyone got any vocal arrangement ideas or rough melody ideas!


eLLeJayne   commented 5yr+4mo ago

Having a read of what you've got here already and wondering if you've got a melody in mind?


shellofme   commented 5yr+4mo ago

As far as a vocal melody and lyrics.??? I'm open to anything realy. I was hoping the vocalist could create a melody. I had a plan a long time ago but, since its been dead I'm open to anything now.