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Creative Brief

Well it is that time year again and looking forward to putting the Christmas tree up later!

Tim and I decided it was time to write a Christmas song and plan to put up a track a day, with a new mix, for the next 24 days in the run up to Christmas.... a kind of musical advent calendar. Drums on day 2, bass on day 3, strings on day 4.... you get the picture.

We have the basics down with vocals and lyrics completed and the rest of the tracks will come daily. You obviously may get your daily chocolate, I mean track as a morning / afternoon / night time treat depending on the time difference.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas from us both and hope you enjoy the song as it progresses.

CHRISTMAS BEFORE - lyrics by Lee Sharp

And so it's Christmas time
The Santa Claus bells they chime
He's guiding my every move
Be good else he'll disapprove
I stand to lose everything
That I wished for sent to him
The castle the silver sword
To fight when the monsters roar
The armour to keep me safe
When goblins and ghouls give chase
Some plasticine red and blue
So I can build soldiers too
Keep watch by my bed at night
While I dream of pillow fights
The painting by numbers set
For colour when snow turns wet
And if snowman starts to cry
I won't have to say goodbye to Christmas time.

So thanks to Mr Roy Wood and
I Wish It Could Be Christmas Every Day
Thank you Slade for writing
Merry Christmas Everybody, showed the way

How I miss those things at Christmas
Now my innocence has gone
The excitement is frustration
Because I've lost out on the fun
So I'll take those distant memories
Of just how it use to be
With the hope I still have Christmas in me.

Goodnight though I just can't sleep
Keep watch at my window see
Is that something moving there
A sleigh ride through midnight air
Don't breath out so I can hear
His footsteps so loud and clear
He's eating the food I left
There's something for Rudolf yes I hope that he's satisfied
Now I must just close my eyes
And hope that he's been for me
Cause I have been good you see
I've waited for oh so long
I've not done my sister wrong
Oh mummy I do love you
And daddy I love you too
So now I must go to sleep
I don't think my dreams will keep
It's Christmas time.

So here's to Jona Lewie
Stop The Cavalry was always on my mind
The Paul McCartney classic
What A Wonderful Christmas Time.

How I miss those things at Christmas
I know I'm old before my time
Christmas cards are sent via email
All the shopping done online
So put down your Grand Theft Auto
Put your Facebook chat on pause
And let's spend it just like Christmas before.

I wake but it's early still
I'll have to just wait until
The birds sing their morning song
The sunrise it won't be long
It's here so I rush to see
But have to wait patiently
The staircase sit at the top
While dad put the tree lights on
A flicker they're glistening
My hopes and dreams kicking in
Excitement I rush on down
Oh my what a sight I found
The presents and oh much more
His footprints across the floor
That lead down the garden path
Yes snowman has got his hat
Oh Santa's been very kind
The gifts that he left behind
This Christmas time.

So here's to Johnny Mathis, this to cry to, singing
When A Child Is Born
And don't forget your Boney M with
Mary's Boy Child, always kept me warm.

How I miss those things at Christmas
Stocking full the log fire on
Now the kids just tear the wrapping
Take a peek and then move on
Now they just don't need the board games Cause they got the PS4
Oh I wish it was like Christmas before
Oh I wish it was like Christmases before.

Yes Snowman got his hat
Thank you Santa
Merry Christmas!

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