The Devil in Her Alternative Country

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The Devil In Her 01 Uploaded 1yr+4mo ago by dazzos

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dazzos   commented 1yr+4mo ago

Added Chris' vocals and a few other bits. Sorry for the delay. Feedback welcome

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ccarnucci   commented 1yr+4mo ago

So if I'm hearing all the new stuff it's Percussion, Electric Rhythm Guitar, and Electric Lead Guitar. The percussion is nice and subtle. They don't offer any definition to the different parts, but they also don't distract. The rhythm guitar is very nice. Again very subtle, so as not to distract from the awesome guitar parts that already exist. The lead guitar parts are really cool, structurally. Great riffs and well placed notes, but I think it may be too far out in front in the mix. The recording quality is really high. Your a good musician.