Please, Let Me Sleep IDM/Experimental

Started by mauro, © All Rights Reserved 2013



PLMS Mix 2 Uploaded 6yr+6mo ago by DantheMan

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DantheMan   commented 6yr+6mo ago

Ok, here's a mix with each track much more in agreement. I hope you like better Mauro.


mauro   commented 6yr+6mo ago

you made my Chrystmas better! Excellent timing and respectful parts from everyone, mates. Andrew: thanks for your patience


AndrewB   commented 6yr+6mo ago

My pleasure Mauro. Anytime. Great tune. Happy Holidays guys!!

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BrotherRat   commented 6yr+6mo ago

Wow ... this is superlative. The drums are outstanding (great tone). I love this mix. Great mix, Dan!

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DantheMan   commented 6yr+3mo ago

I never said thank you, Ray, Mauro, and Andrew. Thank you!


AndrewB   commented 6yr+3mo ago

Hey Dan, thank you it was a pleasure to play on this song!


AndrewB   commented 6yr+6mo ago

Great Job Guys!