Toxic American Trad Rock

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TotalHarmonicDistortion   commented 5yr+8mo ago

Hello Adam. Thanks for the invite. I really enjoyed the feeling of this song. A lot of the lyrics I write would be considered dark, but the feeling I got from this arrangement made me feel like writing something a bit lighter. Its a little cheesey, but I think it came out nice. I have the vocs a bit hot so everyone can hear. Lyrics- Intro/Chorus Sunshine, got shades on my eyes Birds are singing as they float across a clear blue sky It may be trite, but it has to be said You make my life worth living again Think of you and I cant help but smile I think I'll sit here and think about you for a while Every time I see That look in your eyes I have to catch myself it still catches me by surprise Chorus I still have troubles Just don't remember what they are When I'm with you all my troubles are so far away It feels like there's something I forgot but I don't really care if I care or not Bridge Chorus Outro