Was It You? Hard Rock

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kevinrees   commented 5mo+9dy ago

Big news! I've found the old sep of Chris's drums for this track, from several years ago. The tempo changes were all different then, so I had to do some time stretching in each section. I think the result is quite natural but let me know if you don't like it. There's still a few spots that need work so I'll sort those out soon.

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dwfreak   commented 5mo+8dy ago

I knew we had some older connections on this song my friend ;-) Old days indeed. Actually reworking my studio space and gear so if you can bear the wait I can revamp those drums. Man this is a back in years ;-) Told you. Cheers. Chris.


kevinrees   commented 5mo+8dy ago

That's great Chris. It took me hours to timestretch that track, but I looked at it as a great learning experience as a future tool to have in my arsenal. If you'll be able to redo it sometime that would be great. The original version I just couldn't get the people to complete it and I gave up on it. Anyway, it had a fast section in the middle which I've cut out and made into a new song, coming later.