A Weak Moment (working title) Pop

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Lyrics suggestion

By Roi Aknin
1mo+28dy ago


just uploaded my interpretation of lyrics to this beautiful music.

Hope you like it!

Should work for the track, happy to make any changes.


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stoman   commented 1mo+26dy ago

Thanks, Rosh, and welcome to Kompoz! This is a nice lyric! I will accept it as soon as a singer volunteers to sing it. Please feel free to make a suggestion or find someone who you think is a good candidate. And sorry, I'm a little slow lately - way too much other stuff to do, and no time for Kompoz.


Roi252   commented 1mo+26dy ago

I'm glad you like it! I don't think I know someone who can sing it, so hopefully someone here will see it and jump in. Anytime you need lyrics written to a song you're working on - feel free to reach out to me :)