A Weak Moment (working title) Pop

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Deeptrope   commented 1yr+5mo ago

This tune's so beautiful, I gotta' make it perfect! :-) I didn't like how V1 led in and tempo of the bridge dictated more syllables. A few other line changes to reference "home/world" theme. Also made it totally generic: no gender references anymore. C'mon... somebody's gotta like this! :-)

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stoman   commented 3mo+21dy ago

WOT?!? Don't tell me I never noticed this lyric! Sorry, John, I did not mean to ignore you. I constantly get overwhelmed by billions of notifications and e-mails, and I keep missing some. I would love for somebody to pick up your lyrics and sing on this tune! Do you have any suggestions?

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Deeptrope   commented 3mo+21dy ago

You mIght try Forest UK, we've worked together a coupla' times. Her sultry voice may work well.