Why Not (working title) Prog-Rock/Art Rock

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Reba1994   commented 2mo+5dy ago

Teek - I really love the idea on these lyrics and they match the feel for the song I believe, but it looks like the words repeat themselves, is there more you can think of to say? I always enjoy your lyrics.

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Teek   commented 2mo+5dy ago

yeah , I might , I will have to put my thinking cap on :-)

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Reba1994   commented 2mo+5dy ago

I just mapped it out - Here is what I here: 0:22 - possible lyrical introduction 0:40 - Verse - possible verse 1 & 2 combined 1:50 - Chorus 2:08 - Verse 2:44 - Chorus 3:02 - Bridge - Half instrumental Half sung possibly 3:28 - Verse or instrumental 4:04 - Chorus

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Teek   commented 2mo+3dy ago

Updated version 2 is uploaded for lyrics