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Open to anything that inspires you to join in:) Your welcome to your own mix versions:)

Mike Patterson - Vocals, Lyrics
jackololo - Bass
liljoe6string - Solo Guitar
Four04 - Keys Intro
camharrison- Drums
StratCas- Guitar, Keys

Surreal - Lyrics by Mike Patterson

Just one knock, it blew down the front door
Coming back, now you're back for more
One more chance to relive the first time
You're mine!

I saw what I see
I felt what I feel
It's hard to believe
this scene is so surreal
Some new energy
It's spinning those wheels
The whole thing's changing
now it's so surreal

Just one look, it's all that I needed
Wanna know what you're feeling
I'm not sure how it's supposed to feel

Everything is not what it seems
Can't separate reality from dreams
Breath deeply, then come what may
Caught between the night and light of day
Once I sailed upon these stormy seas
All faith aside - it brought me to my knees
Breath deeply, then come what may
I embrace it now.... Surreality!

Thanks for listening:)

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Genre Adult Alternative BPM 100.0

Collaboration started December 23, 2013 by StratCas
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