I Got No Clue (the Happy New Year Song) Lullabies

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This took longer than I wished, but working 10 hour days with UPS and only one day off a week (you probably heard about UPS/FedEX troubles in the evening news) ... followed by Christmas family at MY house this years .. really put a crimp in my plans. But ... it is finally here, just in time for you to play at your New Year's Eve party - So turn it up!

In the annals of history there have been musical greats. Every century or so a master genius of a particular instrument arises who fires the imagination and brings such emotion to his playing that we all stand speechless. Such a thing has happened again in this century, and now the kazoo (a struggle for any sane man) rises into it's rightful place along side Beethoven's piano, Mozart's strings, and Justin Bieber?s lip-syncing. I would truly like to thank everyone involved in creating this mess. I do hope everyone had fun.

Guitar: Nicola
Solo Kazoo: Maestro Phoephus
Production Manager: Fresh727
Main Vocal: RealJustice
Brave Back Up Singers: RyanLucas, Fresh727, DeMeriden, RealJustice, and Slackjaw1
Concept and Lame Effects: me
Lyrics: NathanielKiez, Liljoe6string, cis0123, DocDaFunk, Slyder, ZzEeAaLl, Joel, Slackjaw1, RAVEN, Fretlessian1, and candotina, oh ... and ... me.

(I have no clue what I am doing)

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Genre Lullabies Eve New Year's fun funny pop

Collaboration started December 31, 2013 by BrotherRat
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BrotherRat Ray Kaliss
Sisters of Mercy Lunartic Asylum Conneticut USA
joel_sattlersongs Joel Sattler
Chevy Chase Maryland USA
NathanielKiez Nathaniel KIEZ
Denver Colorado USA
NicolaOffidani Nicola Offidani
Massignano AP Italy
RyanLucas Ryan Lucas
San Francisco Bay Area California USA
fresh727 mika greiner
Newport Beach CA USA
DocDaFunk JC Beziz
Geneva Geneva Switzerland
Fretlessian1 Ian Pellow
Fort William Highlands Scotland Ancient Kingdom Dalriada United Kingdom
RealJustice Justice Richards
Sydney New South Wales Australia
Brooklyn NY USA
Slackjaw1 Mike Reeves
Anchorage Alaska USA
Slyder Slyder *♪♫♪*
Somewhere in Texas USA
cis0123 Jeff Ewing
Pittsburgh Pennsylvania USA
liljoe6string Joey six
oklahoma city ok USA
candotina CanDo Tina Marie
Nashville Tennessee USA