Turn the tide (ScottyV lyrics) Teen Pop

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TTT - soft piano idea Uploaded 1 year ago by gabrojazz

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sweetie   commented 1 year ago

I love this!! The piano sounds so pretty and fits perfectly. Thank you so much Gabro

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captainhook   commented 1 year ago

nicely done Sir Gabro~/o professional as always! scotty

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captainhook   commented 1 year ago

wow!! so many awesome musicians uploading~ Please be patient, everything will be sent over to Christine's friend Elvis for producing and mixing! scotty

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captainhook   commented 11mo+22dy ago

Hello my fellow collaborators~ just a word about timing, Always a good idea to strike whilst the iron is hot!! It is a sad time for our oceans, recent reports show that micro-particles of plastic have made their way into every part of our oceans from top to bottom very sad indeed...and now on to our dinner tables as well. recent tests of various seafood have all tested positive for traces of plastic. My thought is..the timing is right for this song in commercials and videos about saving the waterways. It may be a good time to explore those avenues if any one has knowledge of how to go about it? hugs to all! scotty

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SyCC   commented 11mo+21dy ago

Hi Scotty, I certainly agree timing is perfect as it seems the message is finally getting through to the masses. Albeit only after decades of warnings about our environment, our oceans and our planet being in decline. I don't profess to having the knowledge of how to go about it. Social media has to be the way - Twitter #FriendsofOcean will lead you to a plethora of #'s. #WorldOceansDay #SDG14 etc, etc. PR and Video production specialists need to be contacted. Turn The Tide is a beautiful song that Emily brings to life with her passion and enthusiasm... Lets strike whilst the iron is hot! Kind regards, Simon (SyCC)

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RobAsh15   commented 9mo+15dy ago

Emily, You (and your parents...!...) are very smart to have your messages here disabled. I went to leave you a note and discovered I can't. I am 57. I have 5 grand children. I love them all very, very much. None are as talented as you. Keep singing.

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Buttercup   commented 9mo+6dy ago

Hi Rob, Thank you! You are so right. Emily was recently trolled by an absolutely vile person! It's put her (and me) right off sharing her talent on social media. I actually considered closing all of her accounts. Quite a few close friends & other musicians convinced me otherwise. Sadly, there will always be sick, jealous & evil people out there, who will get a kick out of spoiling it for others.

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VocalRun   commented 9mo+5dy ago

That girl needs a big dog and a body guard.

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VocalRun   commented 9mo+14dy ago

Perfect lyric/vocalist match. I agree. If the world got a look at Sweetie, diving in a bay with the turtles and the fishies and then singing on the beach. Just...lock down the footage Mom. Around a campfire with the fam. Sweet!

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captainhook   commented 9mo+13dy ago

Yes I told Buttercup the same~ Ms. Emily would be an awesome spokesperson~ But they are extremely time restricted at the moment and Emily is a busy young lady...so when the time is right good things will happen I am sure! scotty