After The Rain Country

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ATR Demo Main and BackUP Vocal Mix 12 1 19 7 10 PM Uploaded 2mo+26dy ago by CowgirlDeb64

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CowgirlDeb64   commented 2mo+26dy ago

Hello Sheila, Here is an idea for your song. I would still need to perfect some more if you like the idea. I do love your lyrics as they are super heart felt and so true for so many woman. I did a cowrite with your lyrics to lay out the song. I have attached the PDF for your review. The music on the song is so beautiful and fitting, great job, Joe! Perfectly developed. I did cut the song down at the end to bring it to a close as you will hear. In regards to key for me, I am struggling with getting that chorus just right and some parts of the song are not the best fit. Anyways, just an idea. If you like it I would be very happy to work on the project with you. Thank you.

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Wvcoffeechick   commented 2mo+25dy ago

Great job!

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CowgirlDeb64   commented 2mo+25dy ago

Thank you, Sheila. I am really happy to hear you like the idea. :)