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maybe some backing vocals?...this song is spin-off enabled, so if you want to go off-road with it, don't be shy...here are the lyrics and chords

God Likes Circles

The round earth, spins 'round, once around it spins each day

the round moon, spins 'round the earth, only shows one side on its way

the round planets, with round moons, spin 'round and 'round the sun far away

the round sun, holds them all, keeps them near, keeps them unafraid

The Milky Way, spins like a disk, shaped like a spiral as it turns

and there we are, in a spiral arm, with the sun we travel, every things in play

relentlessly, each circle spins, at different speeds and rates they turn

a universe, filled with circles, everywhere, I've learned



God likes circles, God likes circles, God likes circles, God likes circles


My car took me down to the grocery store

on four spinning circles we went

wheeling down the aisles with the shopping cart

on four spinning circles, one was bent

all the foods I like wound up in the thing

little round potatoes, little round tomatoes

round green grapes, round red cherries

big round onion, taste buds singin' yum-yum

a big round cantaloupe, big round oranges

a round head of lettuce, almost round eggs



God likes round things, God likes round things, God likes circles, God likes circles


instrumental bit



God likes spirals, God likes circles, God likes round things

creation going round and round and round...


Chords...per jguitar.com

intro/verse 1...A5   A9sus4   A7sus4...many reps...then F#m7   Em7   G6/E...many reps

chorus 1...D5   Dsus4   A7sus4/D...many reps

intro/verse 2...A5   A9sus4   A7sus4...many reps...then F6   Em7   G6/E...many reps

chorus 2...same chords as chorus 1

instrumental...A5   A9sus4   A7sus4...many reps

partial verse 3...F6   Em7   G6/E...many reps

chorus 3...same chords as chorus 1


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Genre Alternative BPM 94.0

Collaboration started May 15, 2019 by jubal
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