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God Likes Circles - with Cory slide guitar Uploaded 10mo+21dy ago by jubal

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jubal   commented 10mo+22dy ago

I wetted up the slide guitar Cory...forgive the mix, I don't have an ear for engineering...really tasty slide! I'll msg. alyo about this, he is doing drums and will want to hear this guitar work you've done...Rock On!


Vilhelm   commented 10mo+21dy ago

Great idea with the slide... but maybe a lot less slide...


jammingcory   commented 10mo+21dy ago

yeah sometimes I do have a tendency to overplay, maybe some parts could edited out, and any stuff worth saving might be left

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jubal   commented 10mo+21dy ago

alyo will add drums soon...then with Vilhelm's bass in the mix I'll mix in the slide again...hopefully one of Kompoz' mix wizards will join in...that's when things get cleaned up/edited properly