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GOD LIKES CIRCLES complete drums Uploaded 10mo+19dy ago by alyo

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jubal   commented 10mo+19dy ago

I always hear details in your drum seps I missed in the mix...but this time it seemed like it was TWICE as many accents/variations to be noticed...loved the drums Alex. I hope you had fun with this song...Rock On!


Vilhelm   commented 10mo+19dy ago

Great work with the drums. They fit the bass line like a glove :-)


Vilhelm   commented 10mo+19dy ago

The only place where I saw the arrangement a bit different was in the first half of the chorus where I stay on one tone. I had the idea that it would be amazing if the drums kind of stayed layed back during the first 4 bars of the chorus and then came back in during the last 4 bars. (or it could be 8+8 bars - I don't remember right now). Maybe something with staying off the snare - I think it would make for a super powerful chorus

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alyo   commented 10mo+18dy ago

Ok. I Will try.