You Got Me Pop/Rock

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Creative Brief

Original Title: You Bring The Sunshine

Now with lyrics by jackouk, sung by the one and only AliceLeonz!



Part A (originally intro and verses):
Em7 | Am Dsus7/9 ...

Part B (originally chorus):
D7/11/C[*] | Bm11
D7/11/C | C/E D

Cmaj7 Bb9/C | Dm7/C Cmaj7
Cmaj7 Bb9/C | Dm7/C Gsus4
Cmaj7 Bb9/C | Dm7/C Cmaj7
Gsus4       | Gsus4

[*] This is essentially a C major chord with D and F# added on the melody part for tension.

Additional Information

Genre Pop/Rock Key E minor BPM 112.0 70s 80s Disco Pop

Collaboration started January 11, 2014 by stoman
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