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Who Knew Master v1 Uploaded 10 months ago by ecino

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ecino   commented 10 months ago

Hello everyone, I've been invited by formfisch for mastering the track. I'm glad to join, this is a very nice song, everything fits so well together. The mix is really good to me so I did only a little. The most noticeable is that I brang a bit more the low-ends, because it was missing warmth to my ears. Now I think it's less "clinical" and more "round" sounding. I still think the lead vocal is a tiny bit too nosy but I didn't want to change too much what was done in the mix, because it may only be a matter of taste. I referenced the track "Beg & Crawl" from Max Jury, which I really like and found a bit similar. Let me know your thoughts.

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formfisch   commented 9mo+28dy ago

Emanuel, that sounds really great! Love what you did to the low end, that was really missing. I agree about the vocals, too, that should've been fixed in the mix... like something in the 400Hz range? If you have some suggestions, I could do that. I think I need to re-render my mix anyway as there is too much reverb on the acoustic guitar especially on the first bar, that sounds really too obtrusive after mastering EQ and limiter...