Yada Yada Song Arena Rock

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this is pretty much finished up now...but its spin-off enabled if ya feel so inclined...here are the lyrics and chords

Yada Yada Song

Tell 'em that you're gonna fly away now

tell 'em that you're gonna find your own way

jump back, sparks are flyin

don't pack, momma's cryin

tell 'em that you're gonna go to college

tell 'em that you're gonna make 'em pr - oud...so proud



Tell 'em that you're gonna be a wheel on Big Street...yeah yeah

Tell 'em that you're gonna live your life in fast lane...no no

well then how about a yada yada ya ya...yeah yeah


Tell 'em that you're gonna be a good girl

tell 'em that you're gonna stay in their world

stay close, smiley faces

big dose, load the bases

tell 'em that ya love greasy boyfriend

tell 'em that you're gonna run away and marry

now you scare me



Tell 'em that you're gonna study hard and be sweet...yeah yeah

tell 'em that you're gonna live your life like James Dean...no no

well then how about a yada yada ya ya blah blah...yeah yeah


instrumental bit


Tell 'em that you're gonna see the world now

tell 'em you could make a difference somehow

jump back, sparks are flyin

don't pack, momma's cryin

tell 'em all about the heart inside you

tell 'em all about the dreams that gu - ide you, the real you








Chords...per jguitar.com

intro...F#7   F#m6bb5   A   G...2 reps

verse 1...F#7   F#m6bb5   A   G...2 reps

chorus 1...G   F#m#5   Em7   D5   C5   Em7   Bm7   B5add#13 // C5   Em7   A7 // C5   Em7   Bm7   B5add#13   C5   D5

verse 2...same chords as verse 1

chorus 2...same chords as chorus 1

instrumental...A5   Asus4   A   A7sus2   A   Em7   A   G   F#m6bb5

verse 3...same as before

chorus, chorus...same as before


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Genre Arena Rock BPM 100.0

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