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xd238   commented 7mo+21dy ago

with this progress there is good and bad... good: the feeling of accomplishment in succeeding in an unusual task bad: the feeling the next morning when you wake up and your lower back is telling you that you can't do anymore work today...

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Gemini   commented 7mo+21dy ago

Yes but long after your back has recovered the sense of achievement will still remain :)


xd238   commented 7mo+20dy ago

always good to think positive, and be thankful I don't have much more heavy lifting of materials to do... but tbh my back is not recovering as well as it used to. :-/ One of my many jobs, back in the day, and at the end of my starving artist phase was managing shipments for a designer furniture and retail store. Which means I lifted a lot....another local musician at another store location was in the same job much much longer than me, and I wonder where his back is at these days..I just may try to locate him to find out... vague reference to this in an alt-music post earlier this week: https://www.kompoz.com/music/group/919906/a/965771