Where Were You written by Scott C. Villnuve and James Fraser with vocal by Daniela Brando Adult Contemporary

Started by captainhook, © All Rights Reserved 2019



WhereWereYou OTW Dani mix 4 Uploaded 1yr+7mo ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 1yr+7mo ago

See how this works out, gang. In fairness this is about the best I can do, given the files uploaded. To work a vocal mix with MP3 files which have reverb embedded and some distorted sections is a challenge, to say the least. On the other hand, to ask for a re-do would probably kill the mood. That is the trade-off. Like I say .... can't really do much better. Hope it is OK.


captainhook   commented 1yr+7mo ago

Nice work James! No worries, it sounds really good! let dani give it a listen and weigh in!! scotty


danieye   commented 1yr+7mo ago

James, really awesome work on the mix and music! Beautiful and haunting lyrics, Captain! I'm so honored and grateful to be part of it -Thank You <3


captainhook   commented 1yr+7mo ago

You rocked the house with your vox Dani~