Crimes Of The Angels Folk-Rock

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Creative Brief

This tune needs a little more fleshing out, its also spin-off enabled, if ya wanna take it down another are the lyrics and chords

Crimes Of The Angels

Take your time, then take mine

show me you, show you why

little things, mean the most

bigger things, let 'em go


All ya see, is now mine

I have to say, took some time

now bigger things, mean the most

little things, let 'em go



Crimes of the angels, crimes against love

you know pride, took it all, away

crimes of the angels, dying at last

if ya like, we'll fly, away


Thirsty ears, thirsty eyes

dried up hearts, dried up minds

the more ya sweat, the less ya bleed

the more ya love, the less ya need


a wordless prayer, inside the heart

couldn't see, just where to start

what can't be cured, you will endure

outside the light, you can't be sure







intro...A   C6sus2   A   (repeat)

verse 1...A   C6sus2   A   C6sus2   G   A   C6sus2   A   Em7   A5   A   C6sus2   A   C6sus2   Em7/G?   A   C6sus2   A   Em7   C6sus2

chorus...E6sus4   D5add#13   E6sus4   E7   E6sus4   C#7   B7   Bm7...E6sus4   D5add#13   E5add13   E7   C#7   B7   Bm7

intro...same chords again

verse 2...A   C6sus2   G   A   C6sus2   Em7   A   C6sus2   A   Em7   A5...A   C6sus2   A   C6sus2   G   A   C6sus2   A   Em7   C6sus2

chorus...same chords again

finale...A   C6sus2   A   C6sus2   G   A   C6sus2   A   Em7   A5

Additional Information

Genre Folk-Rock BPM 80.0

Collaboration started July 1, 2019 by jubal
Last upload 4mo+11dy ago

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Copyright © 2019 by jubal, All Rights Reserved.
Effective on Jul 1, 2019

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