Crimes Of The Angels Folk-Rock

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Crimes of the Angels testmix Uploaded 6 months ago by MJC252

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MJC252   commented 6 months ago

More guitar added as requested. Enjoy!

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BenSeidel   commented 6 months ago

Nice mix, vocals feel right up front good balance of the instruments too. I'm impressed you managed to shoe horn in that extra guitar track without losing the saxophone. Also what a cool song right?

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jubal   commented 6 months ago

and there's that Neil Young/Crazy Horse vibe I teethed on 50 years've put a smile on an old mans face : )

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MJC252   commented 6 months ago

I still have all those old Buffalo Springfield, Crazy Horse, Poco, Flying Burrito Brothers on vinyl, plus a host of others. Oh where did all the time go? Glad you enjoy the mix. The vibe of this song got my attention right from the start. Thanks for letting me have some fun with it. Well done, fellas!