High Party Funk

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High Party Uploaded 6mo+28dy ago by jannik

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jannik   commented 6mo+26dy ago

Hi guys, I seem to have forgotten to write a message when I uploaded the track! I think this is the final version unless you have any specific wishes? I corrected a few notes in the vocals especially during the verse but other than that I didn't do that much :) Let me know what you think! Cheers Jannik


LycheeSan   commented 6mo+21dy ago

Awesome ! Il love the overall groove. The only thing missing now, is a video clip !😅


Ockie30   commented 6mo+22dy ago

Man, this sounds so great!! Probably the best single song ive ever been a part of. I love everything about how this song is written. The bass and the drums are so pocket, great groove to dancve around to. The guitars, horns, keys, vocals, everything fits perfectly. Its definitely a good party, festival, out doors, drinking a beer having a kick ass time with friends kind of song. I love the progression of the song, and the way each section was written. Its just great. However... I hate my drums :-( not the way youve mixed them.. all the mixing sounds fantastic. Perfect. a little extra overall reverb or something and i think it would sound like it was actually recorded live at a festival lol But i dont like my drum track :-\ I wish my initial recording had just had the toms and cymbals and stuff just a little more clearly defined and present :-( I could rerecord it maybe!?!? :-)) but if not, no worries lol your mix sounds so good man. And i mean that, Ive been a live and studio engineer for like 8 years now, I care about the mix lol It sounds great! Every person on this entire track did freaking outstanding. Im glad to be apart of this project for sure

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RaymondVanMelzen   commented 6mo+21dy ago

I love it!