Battle Hymns - Long live the King! Electronic

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[00:50 to 01:24] Victorious! The king has returned We pay homage to the throne So glorious! History is earned He will win the world alone They say that he is the chosen one Destined to command these lands And then some say that God's favoured son Can't wash the blood off his hands [01:32] Long live the king! [01:40] Long live the king! [01:42 to 02:16] We celebrate the king and his horse We can see them through their eyes One with fear, one without remorse Visible through the disguise We throng the streets and hope for a glimpse A little bit would suffice He leads with flair while his army limps Some of them have paid a price [02:24] Long live the king! [02:33] Long live the king! [02:43 to 03:17] We follow the crowd We worship the king The trumpets are loud And we, too, shall sing The rivers flow strong They have gone so red He who may be wrong Will leave things unsaid We've heard all the tales The mountain air speaks Hair raising details Screaming from the peaks We know how you've got The stones in your crown You left them to rot The tribes you burnt down [03:18 to 03:26] The tribes you destroyed Pushed into a void Pushed into a void Destroyed! [03:34] Long live the king! [03:43] Long live the king! [03:52] Just say nothing! [04:00] Long live the king!

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