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Gone Too Far 942020 Full Vocal Mix Uploaded 12 months ago by ipft

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IntervaloLucido   commented 12 months ago

Heeey Ian. Amazing man. Just amazing. I actually love this song :) Cheers

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ipft   commented 11mo+28dy ago

Thanks Alex, yep me too - you've created some amazing dynamics in this one and it's a pushed feel in your tracks that I'm drawn to. The vocals all happened in a few hours. I started with the bridge and I picked up an 80's vibe. Next was the "keep on coming down" sections which are musically really strong so needed vocals that would stick out. Last bits were the verses and the dynamic in the music lent itself to something more melodic. Will start bouncing and uploading the seps when I get some spare time. Keep on churning them out ;-)

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Nikoli   commented 11mo+9dy ago

Hola Alex! any chance of a drumless track on this one, would like to have a crack Great song and vocals! cheers Nick

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IntervaloLucido   commented 11mo+9dy ago

Heeey Nikoli sure thing my friend

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Nikoli   commented 11mo+9dy ago

That?s great mi amigo Thanks!