Out of Friends Indie Rock

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Out of Friends (chuggy guitar mix) Uploaded 11mo+28dy ago by Locomule

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Locomule   commented 11mo+28dy ago

I added 2 tracks, verse guitar and chorus guitar and double tracked each using a separate guitar for a total of 4 tracks. They are jammed into this mix with no EQ, compression, volume tracking, etc, just raw guitar tracks so they should clean up pretty nicely. In practice you get a Fender guitar that has less distortion and more clarity and a more heavily distorted Ibanez guitar to mix with. The Fender is meant to feature more during the verses and the Ibanez in the choruses but whatever works (if anything). I had a hard time riding around the block to check out test mixes because I couldn't stop singing along :) LOVE those vocals

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IntervaloLucido   commented 11mo+27dy ago

amazing amazing amazing man. This could be a hit song :)


Locomule   commented 11mo+27dy ago

This song was actually really, really good when I found it. Very inspiring. There is so much synth stuff going on that all I could really do was just provide some accents. That being said, please don't use anything I wrote if you have reservations, or chop it up, ditch most of it, whatever needs to be done. Mainly, please preserve the integrity of this killer song. I may also do a set of little textural fills that could be dropped in and I like the idea of a little solo run but I haven't tried any yet, it seems like it would need to go near the end and even then be thematically fitting rather than a big dumb Look At Me Guitar Solo :) But if you get any ideas or if anything needs to be changed, hit me up. Ok, I'll up the seps today, looking forward to see how your song turns out!

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ipft   commented 11mo+26dy ago

Sounds very cool Zac - great tone and chugging, fits perfect ;-)


Locomule   commented 11mo+26dy ago

Thanks to everyone else my part was simple. Your vocals really blew me away! Not just the delivery, which is stellar, I can relate to the content as well. I put mixes onto a flash drive so I can drive around my neighborhood and road test them but I had the hardest time listening to me and not singing along with you :D I caught my daughter's illness last night and started running a fever, my apologies for being a day late with the seps. I'm get them ready now.

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ipft   commented 11mo+24dy ago

Sign of a good track when things fall together easily. The lyrics and vocals were done in a few hours which is needed for me to keep the feel. We actually worked on the same song 3.5 years ago which was my first venture into online collaborating. Not looked back and I?m still here haha. There?s alternative ways to getting lossless files (Dropbox/we transfer) etc. so don?t worry about that. Get well soon!


Locomule   commented 11mo+26dy ago

Eeek! Sorry, I've been gone from Kompoz for 3.5 years and this is my first project since returning. I'd forgotten how things work, I was sponsored before, now I am back at basic membership and can only upload mp3s. If they suck let me know an I'll figure something out.