Got No Paparazzi Folk-Rock

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Guitar lead ideas Uploaded 11mo+12dy ago by Nadir

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Deeptrope   commented 11mo+12dy ago

Who the hell needs violin? :-) Everybody feelin' as good about this as I am?! Thanks, Luis! I think this'll do'er!(helluva weekend, so far, huh?) Ted? Magnus? Think we got a demo?!!!

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Deeptrope   commented 11mo+12dy ago

Hey Ted, maybe bring the Harmonica down(or lead up) just slightly from 1:29 - 1:47? Whaddaya think? I'd also like to add the key and bpm info (I'm so musically lame... ) I'll redo time stamps when we're done (assuming everyone's cool with this).


TedAmorim   commented 11mo+12dy ago

Yes. It makes sense. Let me listen to it again to make me sure. Cheers. Ted Amorim

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Magnusxsvanfeldt   commented 11mo+12dy ago

Thanks. Grest work.

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Nadir   commented 11mo+11dy ago

I'll upload the seps for you soon, Ted. Luis :)