Save The Planet Folk-Rock

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STP 1 3 2020 Uploaded 1yr+3mo ago by ben0

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ben0   commented 1yr+3mo ago

Hey guys, here's the tune with just melody on verses 1 and 2. Jen, you sound great! If you're interested, I'd love to get you guys to trade the lead on the lines of the first half of verse 3 (1st 2 and 2nd 2) , and then add backup vocs on the last 4 lines. You could each record the lead and harmony on the second half and try 'em both ways to see what you think sounds best. A lot of stuff slides right by me, but I haven't noticed that type of vocal arrangement on Kompoz, so it could be pretty unique. If you can take it, I'll be happy to do a horrible vocal guide for verse 3 to assist you in getting the rhythm of the syntax down that I'm looking for. What do you think? I've asked my retired public school music teacher buddy for help with getting a class of kids to record the choruses, but have not heard back from him, and may never ;^} But I still think getting kids on that would really make the song extra compelling, so I'm not about to give up on the idea.