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In the darkness (Pascal 02M) Uploaded 11mo+27dy ago by Pascaloubien

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Pascaloubien   commented 11mo+27dy ago

Aa-Uu ! very nice song added some piano, synth, snare, percs... hope sounds good so far


italo   commented 11mo+27dy ago

Hello Pascal!! Thank you very much ! I listened carefully to the ideas you added to the song and you opened my mind to improvements I could make. I state that my idea is more minimal, less full of instruments for which some of your ideas seem to me too much, but I imagine that you put them right with the intention of throwing down ideas to be evaluated together later ... Thank you for having done so, and among the ideas I would like to consider, there are: the hi-hat line and the accompanying acoustic piano. This is why I ask you to upload the piano and the hat separately so that you can work on it. Obviously, even if I make changes to your work, I will consider your ideas valid so that they can be included among the collaborations As for the mix of tracks, perhaps it is better to wait for further development of these ideas and also a final vocal track that I would still like to make or that some other collaborator could propose. Thank you very much again ! Let's keep in touch !

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Pascaloubien   commented 11mo+26dy ago

Aa-Uu ! thank you, uploading files right now...