Beauty in the Divide (Lyrics) Rock

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MikeJM Beauty in the Divide song idea Uploaded 8mo+9dy ago by bagpipe

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bagpipe   commented 8mo+14dy ago

An idea based on one of MikeJM's lyrics from a while ago. Sadly you have to listen to me singing: you'll soon know why I don't list "Vocals" as one of my talents. If we can get someone to sing the vocal we'd be doing everyone a favour. The backing track is fairly minimal with a programmed drum beat. With a real drummer, bass player etc it might be worthwhile.

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MikeJM   commented 8mo+9dy ago

Excellent work... thank you! And believe me, I will respect your wishes when it comes to singing, but you are 100x better than me at least lol Sorry for the wait ... I really appreciate the work. Since I have been a bit preoccupied, I will make you manager ... it?s all yours!


bagpipe   commented 8mo+8dy ago

Thanks Mike. I know from your comments on another thread that you've been busy and haven't been spending much time on Kompoz. And thanks for making me Manager on the project. I'll probably create a Community thread to try and get more players on this track. Cheers.