Time Will Tell Rock

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Guitar idea Uploaded 1 year ago by PilotProject

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PilotProject   commented 1 year ago

Small guitar idea, start at 1.56

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EdSilva   commented 1 year ago

/great job \michele\\\\\\\111 I love it!

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NicolaOffidani   commented 1 year ago

Well done Michel....

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PilotProject   commented 1 year ago

Thank you Ed and Nicola, I will upload the sep track.


MikeJM   commented 1 year ago

Beautiful guys! I was thinking of some words that might fit this ... not sure if Ed has invited a singer yet... Here is the first verse and chorus ... let me know if I should continue :) Buying time or wasting time No one really knows There?s the things that we can change That?s how the story goes But is my fate set in stone? Or can I fly free? There is this awakening Somewhere inside me Time will tell... Whether this life can change Time will tell... Whether my heart can stay Because one little smile Can wind up taking you miles Time will tell... Whether the time is now!