I Can Never Break Free Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by Basil



NEVERBREAKFREE RMIX1 Uploaded 9mo+14dy ago by RealAl

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RealAl   commented 9mo+14dy ago

HELLO: Hear an acoustic drum DEMO for your consideration. All the SEPS are 24bit 48K through 6 mics. The tracks are recorded DRY. There are also 2 EL DRUMS, and a Cowbell...COMMENTS...ENJOY


Basil   commented 9mo+13dy ago

Holy Sh*t What a cool groove and feel you played! Please upload your seps. Steffen is very busy but when he has time he'll do a great job mixing and producing this song.


Basil   commented 9mo+13dy ago

BTW I was just in Cleveland ( Rock N Roll Hall of Fame ) over the weekend for my Birthday

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RealAl   commented 9mo+13dy ago

I have been there a number of times. My son has put events on for them, and hosted pre-induction parties for Inductees. Great place. BTW I uploaded the SEPS, and Steffen ALWAYS does a GREAT JOB... Golden Ears...


Basil   commented 9mo+11dy ago

Wow! That's very cool. I really enjoy my visit there. I even sang a song with guys in the garage area where they have instrument for people to jam. Seeing some of the hand written lyric sheets of famous songs, certain famous instrument and stage clothing was amazing. Also went Johnny Cash's tour buss, very old and dated, but it was probability state of the art in its day.