I Can Never Break Free Rock

  Spin-off   Spun by Basil



I Can Never Break Free - Rough Static Demo Uploaded 10mo+16dy ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 10mo+16dy ago

I think I misaligned the drums. Or are they supposed to ring out that way? Sorry, guys, I have no time at all. This is just an extremely quick static demo to see if everything fits. I chose Al's drums for this demo, just because they were the first ones I found.


Basil   commented 10mo+15dy ago

It's interesting to hear Al's drums, such a cool groove. I know you're very busy. Thanks Mike

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RealAl   commented 10mo+15dy ago

This sounds Very Good. The drums sound excellent, and in alignment. Yes, you probably could have cut at the CRASH, before the extra bell cymbals. The balance gets the vocals where they need to be. I always enjoy your work.