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OddTimes 947035 Full Vocal Mix Uploaded 7mo+15dy ago by ipft

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ipft   commented 7mo+15dy ago

Will get the seps up this weekend, then we can spin with Simon and Martin, thanks Aaron ;-) Odd Times (Lyrics by iPFT, 20191012) I got something to say Can you ever really rise from a grave? Cos you can't even make an omelette Without breaking an egg And can you keep a secret? Will you walk the talk for me? I can take it away If you never want to face it again Cos you won't even take a moment For fear of losing your place I'll let you keep a secret If you make it home for tea And when you're running away from it all (Shift your bones Shift, shift your bones Shift your bones) From a fear that they'll knock at your door (Knock your door Knock at your door Lock your door) You gotta take as much you can (As you can As you can) Because this time (This time) I am afraid it's too late (Cos it's been delayed) The strangeness inside turns these odd times Over and over again Did you know that four-leaf clover Is the key to unlocking it all The strangeness inside turns my insides Over and over again Over and over again Over and over again No I don't wanna bake in the shade When you're not even breaking a sweat It's just too hard for me Too hard for me

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mteasdal   commented 7mo+14dy ago

Love it Ian! As always, brilliant!!!

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SyCC   commented 7mo+14dy ago

Outstanding lyrics Ian :)

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ipft   commented 7mo+14dy ago

Thanks chaps appreciate the feedback ;-) I'll get the seps up hopefully today so you can do your stuff. Please use this as a bedtrack for now.

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ipft   commented 7mo+13dy ago

Vocal seps are up people, spin away ;-)