Cuori,fiori,bastone Soft Rock

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DEMO - Cuori fiori bastone - 2019-08-25 - 145 bpm Uploaded 11mo+23dy ago by stoman

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stoman   commented 11mo+18dy ago

Updated static mix with correctly aligned guitar tracks. I hope the rest fits, too. Please let me know.

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stoman   commented 11mo+18dy ago

To be honest - I think it's still incorrect. I'll probably have to grab the other tracks from the updated folder, too, to fit everything where it belongs. Unfortunately that all takes a lot of time that I just don't have.

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Felixc22   commented 11mo+16dy ago

sounds good to me ... thanks..


Resiliente   commented 11mo+16dy ago

Hi Guys! Steffen I think the seps still not synchronized, and you need to grab the tracks from to the updated folder to fix this (listen to my scratch to understand what I mean). I also like a lot the percussions I've uploaded, so can you please record your seps with my percussions in the mix? Thank you (who knows,maybe my sensation about syns depends on this,I'm not use to hear the song without my percussions). Don't worry about the time, you really don't have to hurry! I know, to have a good mix (as those that you realised here in Kompoz) you need to spend lot of hours or even days! I'm not going to have time in the next weeks or mounths to playing or recording too, because I'm very busy with work and university. I recorded this song and the voice tracks of "la bella" in a couple of weeks just because I didn't know when I would have free time again. Cheers, Fra

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stoman   commented 10mo+26dy ago

I missed this comment. So the timing is still off? I'll try to make time for another check tomorrow. I'm pretty sure I did use the latest files though, but maybe I made a mistake since I was doing this all in a hurry (which won't be any different tomorrow, I'm afraid).


Resiliente   commented 10mo+24dy ago

oook, thanks Steffen ;-)

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Gemini   commented 11mo+18dy ago

All sounds fine to me. Piano spot on. Good work Steffen!

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stoman   commented 11mo+16dy ago

Thanks, Nigel!:)