AWAY (Project 33) Pop/Rock

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Away OTW test master 2 Uploaded 9mo+12dy ago by offthewall

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offthewall   commented 9mo+12dy ago

Let's see if this is any better. Found a little time to spare so grabbed the latest updated tracks and made a full mix. Again, master through Ozone 8 but with a bit more care taken with settings.

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bassman78fr   commented 9mo+12dy ago

A great job James. Congratulations.

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LazyFrank   commented 9mo+11dy ago

Sounds very good, James... I'll try to compare it with my mix tomorrow. I'm certainly not someone who can really judge that, I'm more of a garage musician. (My hearing is not the best anymore either ;) But I think it's great that you're investing time and effort. ( Did I mention that I am a pretty lazy sock ? ;)

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ShannonB   commented 9mo+9dy ago

Beautiful all!