Open Your Eyes (COLLABORATIVE LYRIC) Blues-Rock

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Open up your eyes "Getting there" mix Uploaded 5mo+7dy ago by Mysterian

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Mysterian   commented 5mo+13dy ago

Added in the new keyboard seps, which improves it enormously, great being able to balance it a bit better... In the end, I've kept the guitars a little raw and un-effected, trying to get more of a rougher 60's vibe. Loving that flute! Still think we need a proper solo from 3:30 or so... any takers? I need to re-do the bass and mess around with chorus 2 and 3 a bit, but its late here. Tomorrow, hopefully. Comments now would be great!

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offthewall   commented 5mo+12dy ago

Would love to add the guitar you are looking for. Will try to find time over the next day or two, unless I am beaten to it. :))

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Mysterian   commented 5mo+12dy ago

Great! Looking forward to it!