Clarity Original Score

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Clarity Uploaded 1yr+5mo ago by Aaronmyke

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Aaronmyke   commented 1yr+5mo ago

I will also upload the seps if anyone is interested!


Amanda   commented 1yr+5mo ago

wow beautiful. it inspired me to write these lyrics, if you like them i can upload them but i wanted to share it with you first, see if it fits your idea or you want to do some changes.... Clarity Blinded in the dark couldn't see the light 4 walls, no windows can't go outside locked inside this box i came up with couldn't find my way out of it never once did i look up and saw that the roof is wide open never once did i ever felt the wings waiting to be spread open i spent my life crawling on the ground never realized that i could fly with a drop of a rain came a drope of hope i can see clearly now, no limits to the sky