Why Ask Me? Country

  Spin-off   Spun by jubal

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Creative Brief

Joe Monico/promusicmedia will be manager of this spinoff...please contact him about ideas/uploads you have in mind...here are the chords and lyrics

Chords...per jguitar.com

intro...Em   A

verse 1...Em   A   Em   A

chorus 1...Bm   D   A   Bm   D   A   E   A

intro...Em   A

verse 2...same chords as verse 1

chorus 2...same chords as chorus 1

instrumental bit...A7   Bm   B7#9sus2   D   E...repeat phrase

intro, verse and chorus...same chords as before

finale...Em   A   Em   A


Why Ask Me?

You wanna know when, your heart will, live again

you wanna know why, I, can't be, your friend



When all I see are the crimes of love

all I feel is a heart undone

all I see are crimes of love

so why, do you ask me? why ask me? why ask me?


You ask me where will I go? - what's my plan?

you ask me what will Ido? - when I can



But all I see are the crimes of love

a shattered dream on the run

all I see are crimes of love

so why, do you ask me?

why ask me? why ask me?


instrumental bit


You wanna know how, love, so strong, can die

you wanna know when, the tears, will finally, run dry


CHORUS 3: same as chorus 1



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Genre Country BPM 74.0

Collaboration started August 22, 2019 by jubal
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