Piece Of Mind (A Mark Adams Spin) Singer/Songwriter

  Spin-off   Spun by JenCarie

This collaboration is finished, and not accepting any further uploads.


Piece Of Mind - mix idea (1.1) Uploaded 8mo+26dy ago by kman

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kman   commented 8mo+26dy ago

So here is the new version cleansed. Just as a remark: The mix uses a huge amount of reverb which comes from Universal Audio's 'Capitol Chambers'. I just mention because I think the Capitol Chambers really sound remarkable fine. If you interested you can find it at https://www.uaudio.com/uad-plugins/reverbs/capitol-chambers.html

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Moonrunner   commented 8mo+26dy ago

That sounds awesome, Andreas!!! Marvellous job!!! You have made it sound great!!! :)

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JenCarie   commented 8mo+26dy ago

Aaaagreed!! :D Wonderful work, Andreas!


LooknGlass   commented 8mo+24dy ago

Awesome tune!