Pain Remains Full Singer/Songwriter

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Pain Remains Full Uploaded 3mo+5dy ago by TedAmorim

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TedAmorim   commented 1mo+14dy ago

Work in progress. Mp3 file not mastered yet. Cheers Ted Amorim

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Emae   commented 1mo+12dy ago

Oh cool, I should probably actually re-do these vocals too. I don?t like them! But your part sounds good.


TedAmorim   commented 1mo+12dy ago

OK, Emily. So, please, upload your final vocals. Thanks. Cheers.

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Emae   commented 1mo+11dy ago

I?m sorry, I guess I didn?t realize that I don?t feel that it all sounds right to me... I love your part however!!


TedAmorim   commented 1mo+11dy ago

OK. Thank you.

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Emae   commented 1mo+7dy ago

Unfortunately I?ve had a sore throat this week but this is on my agenda.


TedAmorim   commented 1mo+6dy ago

Sorry about you throat, Emily. Hope you get better soon. Thanks. Cheers

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Emae   commented 1mo+5dy ago

Hey Ted, I'm wondering if I can just re-record the part from ":31-1:00"? That is the part I dislike the most due to some off-tune aspects on my part. Also I don't know why on Earth I can't figure out how to adjust the latency issues on my Audacity. I've tried following several directions on this and it doesn't seem to work. I was able to determine the appropriate latency is -154. It sounds like you've adjusted the latency here too. Did you to it in all areas and was it about -154?


TedAmorim   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Hi, Emily, Thanks for your upload. Great. I think now we can finish the song. I'll work on it carefully so I'll make sure there will be no latency issues. Cheers

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Emae   commented 1mo+4dy ago

Thank you Ted! I look forward to hearing it


TedAmorim   commented 15 days ago

Hi, Emily I've upgraded my recording set, including a new computer iMac with OS Catalina and now I'm struggling with some issues. The new PC does not have a fire-wire support to my mixer Midas Venice F32, to all my sound fire-wire dependant hardware set, and that OS Catalina does not run Pro Tools 10... I have now a semi useless recording set... So, I'm sorry I cannot finish anything for now... I'll get solutions. Please, be patient. Cheers Ted Amorim

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Emae   commented 13 days ago

Okay no worries, thanks for letting me know!