The Invisible One American Trad Rock

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The Invisible One everything mix 1 Uploaded 17 days ago by bagpipe

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bagpipe   commented 17 days ago

First attempt at a mix. Let me know what you think. The only thing missing is Bens fiddle part - I just cant get it to sit in the mix with everything there. It worked well initially as it was just acoustic guitar at the time. I tried compressing it, adding reverb etc but it just seems to clash when it comes in. Maybe I'll upload a mix with the fiddle part and you guys can have a listen, maybe some suggestions.

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ben0   commented 17 days ago

Hey, just leave it out - no sweat! I'd prefer it not be overly processed anyway.


bagpipe   commented 16 days ago

I'm not really happy with my mix so I've invited Fabian (Schwefelhard) to mix and master it. He has the golden touch for mixing.

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ben0   commented 16 days ago

I uploaded another take on this that is only different in the 1st 16 measures. In that section, now it's all double stops in a lower frequency, and less rhythmic, so it stands out less. If you can't use it, I'm not going to be crushed ;^} I just put something up because I like the song. It's only some secondary harmony - no big thing!