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Froz   commented 7mo+9dy ago

Hi Frank. I put together a rough mix to showcase a demo take i made this morning. I was working on another project but i wanted to quickly record a demo for you. This is not final by any means. For example , i don't like the tambourine on the quarter note pulse i think it would be best only on the backbeat . I also think i could get a better sound for the snare during the chorus to add more punch. Nevertheless, i hope you like it. let me know if you want to proceed . No problem if it does not fit your vision though. Cheers Frederic.

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Froz   commented 6mo+28dy ago

Hi Frank . Just a quick status. I did not forget your project . I will work on it this WE in parallel with another one where i have been invited. I hope it is fine with you.

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LazyFrank   commented 6mo+28dy ago

Absolutely OK, Frederic! This is how Kompoz works ;)