Sleeping with The devil Rock

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SoundCloud URLs

By Jayesh Raikar
10mo+12dy ago

Hi guys,


I will be releasing this song on my SoundCloud page in a few days. Let me know your individual SoundCloud URLs so that I can mention them in the credits:


JC Beziz: 

Bob Campbell:

Kevin Hartnell: 

Anton Klinkt: 

JeanL T: 

Gabro Jazz: 


In case you do not have a SoundCloud page, let me know if you have any other individual URLs (Spotify, BandCamp, etc.), else I shall mention your SoundBlend URLs.


Thank You.




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gabrojazz   commented 10mo+12dy ago


JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+8dy ago

Sorry about the delay in the release guys. Was kinda messed up with work and stuff Will release the song this weekend


DocDaFunk   commented 10mo+8dy ago

Please add my FB page and youtube channel instead (if it's possible): Cobra Dog


JayeshRaikar   commented 10mo+8dy ago

No issues. Any URL is good